Angela Maiers Interviewed at ISTE 2014

Liam O’Marah, roving video reporter for Connect Learning Today interviewed the fabulous Angela Maiers at ISTE 2014 to discover more about why all of us should Choose2Matter. This is part 1 in a series.

Please watch the interview to get inspired, and read You Matter for more on the subject.

Liam O’Marah interviews for Connect Learning Today, reporting on education and education technology trends, globally. Liam is the Head of Digital Properties for Promethean and has worked in the EdTech digital arena for ten years.

Liam is Head of Digital Properties for Promethean and the ClassFlow team with over ten years in the EdTech digital space. Passionate about online comms and 'getting the message out', Liam also reports and writes on EdTech trends and issues for the Connect Learning Today team.
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