• LEGO Goes Digital at ISTE 2014

    by - Jul 1, 2014
    Liam O’Marah takes a walk down LEGO memory lane, and discovers a LEGO Education digital future that still can be enjoyed on the classroom floor.  Watch the short video for STEM and Literacy LEGO tips....Read More
  • ClassFlow Educator Top Tips for Success at ISTE 2014

    by - Jul 1, 2014
    Kylee Moose, Joe Talavier, and Mike Bauer share ClassFlow top tips for success at #ISTE 2014 ClassFlow. Discover more at Enjoy the tips from 3 enthusiastic classroom experts!...Read More
  • Empowering the Classroom

    by - Jun 24, 2014
    Today, many teachers have shifted their instruction from stand and deliver to more interactive, engaging and ­participatory styles of teaching and learning. With 1:1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) ­programs, students have access to just...
  • Fundamentals of Teaching

    by - Jun 10, 2014
    The fundamentals of teaching in today’s classrooms haven’t changed enough, in part because the tools and the learning environment haven’t changed enough. When computer labs were the newest and latest learning settings, most lab computers were...
  • Today’s Social Listening Skills

    by - Jun 9, 2014
    Educators have always used listening skills as a learning checkpoint, but in this technology tools age social listening needs to be more than a tick off a presentation checklist. Educators have a responsibility to include listening...
  • Choosing Tech: Avoid Fads & Cheap Fixes

    by - Jun 9, 2014
    There are so many possible scenarios schools and districts face when trying to pick just the right instructional technology fit. When choosing technology it’s easy to be thrilled with the present surface wonder, and forget the...